If they told you to buy one thing and only one thing from Clinique, make sure the “CHUBBY STICK” is the answer.


It’s not a concealer/foundation stick. It’s a chubby lip pencil/crayon.

This is a new product that has been launched.

It’s basically a moisturizing Lip Balm- with a color- but in a stick (instead of a tub)!


You can easily scribble this crayon on your lips- & what makes it special (it won’t chap your lips or dry up-since it’s a balm).


It is glossy- so it will look like an extra natural shade of a lipstick. It’s great for an everyday makeup routine- for the office etc. Wear it for a natural look- & get your lips nourished + hydrated at the same time.

There are 8 different shades. Each shade is named with reference to a fruit- Tempting! I absolutely love “Woppin’ Watermelon”!!

It’s an amazing pinkish color- very natural & similar to what Kim Kardashian applied in her wedding.


I also love “whole lotta honey”! It’s a beautiful shade

Check out how each color looks like: