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THE MAKEUP MANUAL was created by a Bahraini makeup addict “Mai Al Moayyed”

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Her obsession with make-up started out a few years ago where she decided to actually explore everything about it. Mai felt the urge to educate women how to use makeup in the right way. Many girls wonder: how do I use this brush? How to blend eyeshadow? How can I find the right foundation color? Mai noticed the endless amount of questions that girls have and decided to create this website to help guide them and enhance their makeup skills.

Our founder Mai studied in Illamasqua School of Makeup Art in London. However, the majority of her makeup knowledge was done all alone in her free time.

This website features product reviews, new collections, make-up tips, how to’s and random make-up talk. On a daily basis, we are testing new products and informing you what’s good and what’s not worth it.

We also provide makeup classes, between Bahrain ,Dubai, Abudhabi and Qatar- so please do check our “Classes” tab.

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